Results from the Survey of Rural Challenges

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Every other year we send out a survey of Rural Challenges. We expected Covid 19 to lead in challenges this year, however we were surprised!  Long-term local rural challenges outweighed the impact of COVID-19. We found that rural community stories are not what the media is telling everyone. Common themes in media coverage and policy…

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Survey of Rural Challenges 2020/21

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The Survey of Rural Challenges is open for rural and small town people to answer.  This is not a survey about Covid 19, this survey is different. Becky McCray and Deb Brown, co founders of SaveYour.Town have been asking for and listening to rural challenges since 2015. “We use the results to create practical…

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Survey of Rural Challenges

Take the Survey of Rural Challenges! Wouldn’t it be great if the people who way they want to help rural people would actually listen to rural peoples own challenges? The survey is open for rural people from all over to tell about their needs. It helps us at SaveYour.Town and to tailor our offerings…

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