We tried an idea

RAGBRAI bike riders in Webster City

The Survey of Rural Challenges had a place to add comments. We were pleasantly surprised to see how many people shared something related to “we tried an idea.” Here’s a few:

New idea for a restaurant:

Adding a lunch counter and doing things totally different than anyone else in town. People either love it or they don’t but we are different in a town where most things are the same version of whatever you can fry.

Took a leap of faith:

I just coordinated a vendor event with crafters and direct sales folks in my town and it drew about 200 people! This was the first time I had ever coordinated an event.

Trying all the ideas:

lots of live videos, social media, ladies nights, local business tours

Working together:

partnering with another business to “promote” each other ( wine and shoes)

It’s all about the bikes:

My husband owns a bicycle repair shop. The shop has put a spotlight on cycling not only our community (population 500), but also in the surrounding towns. BUT it is impossible to put a monetary value on the benefits of having the shop in our community.

  • We belong to an online forum called “Warm Showers” and host cyclists who are traveling through our area.
  • Once a week in the summers we do a group ride just around town – mostly kids – so we get to connect with them and teach them safety as we ride.
  • We own the building where Ride On is located, so we have window displays, make improvements to the building, and the town benefits from the energy of having another business in town.
  • One of the farmers is involved with a program at a prison that repairs bikes and returns them to communities. So, he brings bikes for us to give away to kids – another connection centered around bikes.

Trying an idea is part of the Idea Friendly Method. We encourage you to try all the ideas with small steps. You never know which idea will take off!

Have you seen the Idea Friendly Method ToolKit yet?

This kit is perfect for you if:

  • Saw Becky or Deb share the Idea Friendly Method, virtually or in person
  • Hosted Deb or Becky for a visit in your community
  • Feel like you’re flailing around trying to adapt to the New Way
  • Are new in your position, putting out fires but never getting to the work that matters
  • Are an “old dog” who wants to learn new tricks
  • Love the Idea Friendly Method, but have trouble communicating it to others