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Deb Brown's small-town roots have shaped her into a passionate advocate for community revitalization. Hailing from the tiny town of Geneva, Iowa, with only 141 residents, Deb knows firsthand the power of transforming small towns into thriving communities.

Through her captivating storytelling, Deb brings to life the inspiring journeys of everyday people who have successfully reshaped their small towns. With her unwavering enthusiasm, she shares practical advice on how anyone can become a catalyst for change and create a brighter future for their small town.

As a co-founder of SaveYour.Town, Deb Brown has spearheaded numerous programs that empower small businesses, tackle the challenge of empty buildings, elevate customer service, revolutionize marketing strategies, and drive economic development. Her expertise and insight have garnered widespread praise from various industry professionals, including chambers, economic developers, tourism specialists, museum experts, business groups, and small-town conferences.

Deb's influence extends far and wide, as she has been invited to keynote prestigious events such as the Rural X Summit, TEDx Brookings, Michigan Rural Economic Development Conference, and many more. From Roscommon County Michigan to Central Iowa Tourism Annual Meeting, her dynamic presence has left an indelible mark on diverse audiences. Additionally, she has shared her expertise at notable conferences like NADO, NRECA, Milbank South Dakota Chamber Annual Dinner, and the renowned 140 Character Conferences.

With Deb Brown's infectious energy and invaluable insights, she emboldens individuals and communities to shape their small towns into flourishing havens of opportunity and growth. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with Deb, as she guides you toward a future where dreams become realities in small towns across the world.


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Speaking Highlights

  • Main Street NOW
  • Portugal: Work with Henrique Sim-Sim, Advisor to the General Secretary and Frederico Lucas, Rural Investments @ GROUS PARTNER
  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
  • Brownfields National Annual Training
  • National Association of Development Organizations
  • International Economic Development Conference
  • TEDx Brookings
  • Rural X Summits
  • Western Area Chamber Executives Conference, Los Angeles
  • Radically Rural Conference, Keene, New Hampshire
  • Colorado Hospital Association Annual Conference
  • Michigan Association of Planners Annual Conference

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Deb keynoting in Las Vegas for NRECA

Onsite Idea Friendly Visit

She has traveled the United States embedding herself in small towns for a week in places like Roscommon County, Michigan, Columbiana, Ohio, and Bennettsville, South Carolina, York, Nebraska and her home town of Webster City, Iowa just to name a few.

Why bring Deb to town?

The best answer is because she understands you. Deb is a small town enthusiast, raised in a small town, live in a small town and work with towns just like yours.

Video, Testimonials, Schedule

You can visit the video page to see videos of her in action, including the TEDx talk.  You’ll also find newspaper articles, podcasts and a few pictures there. The testimonials page shares some things other towns have said about Deb. Check the schedule page to see where she’s been and what her upcoming schedule is.


picture of Deb in front of store in Gulfport MS

Social Media

What does an Onsite Visit look like

Deb spends 3-4 days in a small town, talking to as many people, groups, city people, non profits, students, service organizations and boards as possible. She asks them “what do you want?” This question prompts everyone to start talking and working on the things they want. A week later after the data has been compiled, a virtual presentation is given sharing what people said they wanted, stories of other towns who have done it and some suggestions for their town!

Download this document of what the onsite visit is all about. Remember every community is different, and so is their experience.

Justin and deb photo

Talking Points

  • Find ways to fill those empty buildings in your town, including a Tour of Empty Buildings
  • Marketing in a Small Town is more than just social media.
  • Idea Friendly Method – how three simple steps can help you achieve your big idea
  • Why small towns and rural areas matter (Rural is not Dead)
  • Innovative Rural Business Models
  • Rural Jobs Creations Strategies
  • Creating Events People Will Attend and why it matters to your retailers

If you need anything else feel free to email or call me at 641-580-0103.