Talent Attraction: How do you find people to move to your town?

Talent Attraction is a new keyword. It simply means finding new people to come to your town!

People are moving to small hometowns, bringing their work and young families with them. Do you know who they are?

These 30–—to 44-year-olds arrive with college degrees, years of experience in the workplace, and large professional networks. Often, they are families with young children, boosting rural school enrollments. Sometimes, they pick a small community they have never lived in before, representing a recruiting opportunity.

Younger families today are choosing where they want to live first and finding their work second. Frequently, they find it online or start their own businesses. Young people 30–44 move to rural communities for three reasons: a slower pace of life, safety and security, and the low cost of housing.

So, if you focus on creating jobs to help recruit new residents, you’re missing the key motivators.

Join Melody Warnick, Becky McCray and I for our next webinar June 12 More info here

Join Melody Warnick, Becky McCray, and I for our next webinar on June 12 More info here

How do you find those people who want to start a business and move to your area?

  • Look at sites like Kickstarter, Fiverr, and Etsy, and you’ll likely find entrepreneurs already in your area.
  • Join online communities or forums related to entrepreneurship, work from home, or the industry gaps you’re looking for entrepreneurs to fill.
  • Use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Threads, Instagram, or TikTok to network with and find entrepreneurs, join groups, and participate in discussions.
  • Attend local or virtual events, workshops, or conferences related to entrepreneurship or your industry. You can meet other business owners, exchange ideas, and learn from experts.
  • Consider visiting a coworking space or a business incubator in your area. You can find other entrepreneurs, hear their stories, see what resources they are being exposed to, and attend their events.

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