There’s a little bit of artist in all of us

women making rugs

There’s more to art than visual arts.  Do you quilt or crochet? Those skills are artistic.  Do you know how to use a forge? Have you made products in the forge? Again, this is art.  Have you helped your kids and grandkids paint things on the driveway with chalk? That’s practicing art and teaching the next generations that…

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Using art to build community

Downtown Webster City 2nd story art

I sit on a volunteer board for Legacy Learning Boone River Valley in Webster City, Iowa. I was surprised at the number of local instructors in my community that are artists and teach workshops. Some examples of the local art these folks teach include: the Scandinavian thread work craft of Hardanger, Pine Needle Baskets, one of…

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Trail Art

What’s happening in Carlisle, Iowa? Lorin Ditzler from Warren County Hometown sent us this message.  This is in Carlisle IA, where there is a well-used regional trail that ends about 1/3 of a mile from the downtown. We wanted to encourage trail users to continue past the end of the trail and visit our downtown!…

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Art in the Rural

Art projects, events and pieces are often the last thing towns think of when it comes to economic development.There is a bit of a tendency for people to think of art as something other people do. If they think of art in their community at all, they think of murals or art exhibits.  Art is…

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