Collaboration and Talent Attraction: Webinar Past and Future

Learning about the Power of Collaboration Our last webinar about collaboration emphasized some key insights.  Looking for that one company to come to town is not an economic development approach that works in rural.  It is possible to bridge barriers and cooperate by starting with meaningful conversations.  We already know how to collaborate in rural…

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Workforce is a Rural Challenge

illustration by Mars Manderico of adults and students working with hammers and nails

The Survey of Rural Challenges is now available through the end of May for you to share your rural challenges and assets! Results will be shared on January 1, 2025. One of the top 5 challenges consistently over the years is Workforce. Let’s take a look at just one of the challenges in the category. CHALLENGE: Need more…

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Driving Positive Change in Rural – we can help

driving positive change in rural with picture of Deb under a tree

SaveYour.Town has been instrumental in driving positive change in rural communities. You’re interested in the work Becky McCray and I do, you read our newsletters, you’ve seen us in your towns and on stage, you watch our videos and webinars. As you plan for 2024, I’d like to share a bit more about the various…

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Are you living in a small town?

two story brick building with empty 2nd story and bunting on the railing

Are you living in a small town? That’s a tricky question! According to a Reddit thread, a small town is around 10,000 people, while the U.S. Census Bureau defines small cities and towns as having populations of less than 5,000 people. However, a post on states that the average local jurisdiction population in the…

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Five Cheap Downtown Placemaking Ideas

It was my pleasure to present Cheap Downtown Placemaking Ideas for Iowa State University OLLI programming. It’s a topic that garners attention because it allows a small town the opportunity to get into action and help make their downtown more attractive, welcoming and inspires economic development. Here are five ideas from the 90 minute presentation…

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Do we rebuild?

In July of 2022 Letcher County, Kentucky had a 100 year flood, that left many businesses having to decide if they should rebuild or not. The devastation was beyond believe. The IGA Grocery store in the small town of Isom was one of the many businesses affected.  On a visit to the county one year…

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Thursday with Townsel in Letcher County, KY

Bad roads in Carcassonne, Kentucky I presented the Idea Friendly Method to several groups in Letcher County, KY. The group from Carcassonne talked about bad roads being a problem. By bad roads, I mean they have two lane traffic on a one lane road. In the mountains of Kentucky. There are places to pull over…

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Small Towns or Big Cities?

Did you know more people are leaving big cities and moving to small towns? Why is that? There are several easy answers: Lower cost of living Recreational offerings like trails, beaches, and mountains Smaller and better schools Safer streets No traffic and shorter commutes to work What are some of the benefits of moving from…

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Creating A Food Cultural Event

cooking class

On our Arts Video I talked about different cultures participating in a food event. Lisa wrote in and asked how to take the first steps in her community to bring different cultures together. Webster City has an organization called All Cultures Equal (ACE). They have a physical location with ESL classes, food bank, homemade kind…

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