Driving Positive Change in Rural – we can help

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SaveYour.Town has been instrumental in driving positive change in rural communities. You’re interested in the work Becky McCray and I do, you read our newsletters, you’ve seen us in your towns and on stage, you watch our videos and webinars.

As you plan for 2024, I’d like to share a bit more about the various ways you can bring us in to work with your community. 


We provide a series of videos focused on your rural challenges and solutions you can start today. Watch one or become a member and watch as many as you wish!

Action Visits:

We’ve been on many action visits that were well-received in many communities.The positive feedback highlights the practical and impactful nature of our proprietary Idea Friendly approach. We emphasize the importance of working in the communities being assisted and having conversations with a wide range of rural people. This hands-on and inclusive approach underlines our dedication to truly understanding and supporting the unique needs of small towns.

Deb keynoting in Las Vegas for NRECA Keynote Appearances:

We’ve spoken at the local fire station in a town in North Dakota, on stage several times at RuralX, at TEDx, at National Conferences for NRECA, NADO, Brownfields, for example and even in Lisbon, Portugal.

Survey of Rural Challenges: 

SaveYour.Town conducts a biannual survey of rural challenges, which reveals that ongoing issues such as housing, lack of new businesses, as well as things like childcare, remain significant concerns for rural communities. This demonstrates our commitment to understanding and addressing the real and persistent challenges faced by rural areas. You’ve also shared your assets and good news on these surveys. In 2024 we will send out our ten year anniversary survey questions!

Real people, real results

The examples at  showcase the tangible and meaningful impact of SaveYour.Town‘s work in rural communities, from inspiring a shift in mindset to providing practical support and resources that directly address the challenges faced by small towns.

Let’s visit.

Reach out and let’s schedule a time to talk about how we can help you and your community! Shoot me an email: