Results from the Survey of Rural Challenges

word cloud for community

Every other year we send out a survey of Rural Challenges. We expected Covid 19 to lead in challenges this year, however we were surprised!  Long-term local rural challenges outweighed the impact of COVID-19. We found that rural community stories are not what the media is telling everyone. Common themes in media coverage and policy…

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No one person gets to decide

We no longer need a few leaders to make all the decisions. All the people get to do things. Got an idea? Go for it.  And try, test, try again, test again, and refine until it works.  Or it doesn’t. No need for meetings. No need for permissions. No need for drama. The future is now. …

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What will the future look like?

Location doesn’t matter in the future. You can work from anywhere. Work will be competitive and informal/hands on education will be valuable. Artists will be in good shape and Dr’s will see more robots replacing them.  It will be the networking economy and we will need people who can connect with robots. Empathy, communication skills, management…

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