Trail Art

What’s happening in Carlisle, Iowa?

Lorin Ditzler from Warren County Hometown sent us this message. 

This is in Carlisle IA, where there is a well-used regional trail that ends about 1/3 of a mile from the downtown. We wanted to encourage trail users to continue past the end of the trail and visit our downtown! So our Carlisle Hometown Pride group teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce to have an artist paint the end of the trail and the sidewalk leading to downtown with colorful designs to create an art path that visitors can follow to the downtown. 🙂 We’re going to add a couple of wayfinding signs too. We also are upgrading a green space in the downtown to add bike racks, a water fountain and seating so that the bicyclists have a nice end point for their journey. The art was done last week and the park upgrades are happening this week (picture attached), so it’s all tying together really nicely! The artist is Kathleen Roling, featured in the third photo and she’s from here in Central Iowa.

Nice work Warren County! How hard would this be to do in your town or county?

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