This Misfit Thing

Old Nuthatch CameraToday I was asked by a local fella “what is this misfit thing?” I answered like this:

You know that side business you do, where you make cornbread in all different tastes and varieties and you deliver to people’s homes? Do you like doing that better than your job? (he said yes) Does it make you happy? (he said yes) I know you work really hard to get the recipes exactly right, you handcraft what you do. Each loaf of cornbread measures up, there’s no half stepping.

It brings you joy to see people eat and LOVE what they are eating, right? I know you work a regular job, you have your family to feed after all.  I also know that one day, if you dedicate yourself to serving others and helping them find joy that you can make a living at doing something you love.  

So that last thing you did? You tried a little leather making.  You did that to make some extra money hoping to make more money, didn’t you (and he said yes)?  What I know is, that it can’t be about the money.  It has to be about finding your own joy and creating ways to help others and share your joy.  

That my friend, is what it means to be a misfit.  That and making a dent in the universe.


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