Sunday Update: Persistence

We rolled that puppy and walked out!

We rolled that puppy and walked out!

This week I did a few things I couldn’t do a year ago.  I couldn’t even try them or imagine I could do them.

I rolled a humvee, on purpose.  It was a simulation, but we were in a real humvee and they stopped it when we were hanging upside down.  And told us to ‘egress’.  And I dropped down after I unbuckled my seat belt, had a team mate help me find the door latch, and I crawled out.  I crawled out of an upside vehicle by myself.  Hell, I went in it first!

I also went to bootcamp three times this week.  And worked out with Randy once.  And worked out on my own once.  I made a commitment to boot camp three days a week for four weeks.  And I train with Randy once or twice a week.  So my new schedule includes working out 5 times a week.

I touched bases with my text message accountability partner Gus too.

We had an event in town Friday night and the Chamber sponsored it.  I walked 6 miles over 4 hours that night.  Then Saturday morning I hosted the cardboard regatta at 8:30 a.m.  I then went to work for a few hours, met a friend for lunch and then went to the park and helped with the community picnic and listened to live music for 3 hours.  A year ago, I would have been down for the entire weekend after walking that much on Friday night.

Redstone Arsenal Army Concert TourPersistence is creating a stronger me. I’m moving, a lot.  My mind has kicked in — if I’m to do this thing, I’m the one who has to do it.  And what is this thing I want?  A healthier me.  I can see myself as the girl who can walk for miles along the beach and enjoy the day doing it – and not be tired.  I can see myself as the Debra who plays with her grand kids and great nieces in nephews and doesn’t have to rest every few minutes.  I can see myself dancing at a concert with my friends.  I am persistently holding those images in my head as a I persistently work my way to fulfillment of them.

It’s already done in my mind.  Now my body is catching up. 

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