The Enchanted Highway


Clay Hebert and Gary Greff

Gary Greff because the process of building the world’s largest sculptures in 1989.  He came home to Regent, ND to save his community.  Gary had no idea how to do that but then thought “what if I create something that everyone will remember?”  That’s what he did – built 7 sculptures made of scrap metal along the Enchanted Highway.  At the cost of over $30,000 each (some up to $60,000) and 5 years to build, this has been more than a notion.  It’s take his savings, his earnings, his labor and his love of the project to make it possible.

He’s now building the 8th sculpture.  A group of misfits decided that this was exactly the kind of project they could support.  Art, community service, passion – what’s not to love?  In fact they created a kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 to help Gary create The Web.  Got a buck?  Got 20 bucks?  At the very least, visit the site and watch the video and take a gander at the pictures.

Help a small town guy out.  He’s truly building possibility where he lives!


While you’re at it — like their Facebook page!  Click Here

Notice the fence posts in the back - huge sculpture!

Notice the fence posts in the back – huge sculpture!


  1. Beth Ann Chiles on July 13, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    What a cool project! Thanks for sharing all about a small town dreamer! I love reading stories about folks like this.

  2. Deb Brown on July 13, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    Thanks for sharing the info Beth — it is important to talk about the cool things going on!