Turn your crafters into entrepreneurs and a new choice for shopping during the holidays

I’m writing a workbook. About ways to save your small town. Here’s one chapter from the book. Crafters can be your new entrepreneurs  You can boost creativity while building community with co-crafting events such as “crafternoons,” hacker or maker days. These are events where crafters/makers/or hackers gather together and do their thing. Sometimes they are…

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What story are you telling?

We can be our own worst enemies. It’s time to change that habit. The rural narrative that others are writing about us is just not true. Rural is NOT dying, and they are describing rural based on deficits. Let’s get better about talking about our assets. Our downtowns have changed not because they are rural but…

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Is small scale manufacturing a thing for small towns?

worker using sewing machine

Just what is small scale manufacturing?  It’s the artisan makers, the prototyping to small scale, it’s the production at scale, the makerspaces and the shared commercial kitchens and workshops. You’d be looking for craft brewers, artisan businesses, contract manufacturing, commercial kitchens, farmers market organizers, and the ‘connectors’. Let’s play a short game of who do…

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