From one boomer to another

coffee cup with love my peeps written on it held by a white hand

I’m a boomer, born between 1946 and 1964. Many of us boomers are past retirement age or close to it. That doesn’t mean we are retiring! Many are still working in some capacity, or active in our communities through volunteering.  We’re used to doing things a certain way, following an old hierarchy and bureaucracy that…

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We gave up planning the old way for a Brendan Hoffman exhibit and visit

Lutzk photo by Brendan Hoffman of people sleeping on the floor

Webster City, Iowa hosted an international photojournalist, Brendan Hoffman, in residency at the Daily Freeman Journal, the local paper. A town of 8,000 people managed to take a 6 week free class on Using Photography to Tell Your Stories, view an exhibition of War In Ukraine, and personally visit with the photojournalist Brendan Hoffman and…

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Driving Positive Change in Rural – we can help

driving positive change in rural with picture of Deb under a tree

SaveYour.Town has been instrumental in driving positive change in rural communities. You’re interested in the work Becky McCray and I do, you read our newsletters, you’ve seen us in your towns and on stage, you watch our videos and webinars. As you plan for 2024, I’d like to share a bit more about the various…

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Lessons from an Idea Friendly Gift Shop in a Small Town

One of the chapters in my upcoming workbook  is about using crafters as your next set of entrepreneurs. Stephanie from Canada shared her crafter entrepreneurial story with us!  You don’t have to go it alone.  Fourteen years ago Stephanie and her sister moved to a small town that had lots of summer tourists but no…

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Thursday with Townsel in Letcher County, KY

Bad roads in Carcassonne, Kentucky I presented the Idea Friendly Method to several groups in Letcher County, KY. The group from Carcassonne talked about bad roads being a problem. By bad roads, I mean they have two lane traffic on a one lane road. In the mountains of Kentucky. There are places to pull over…

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Advice to those working in small towns

The International Economic Development Council published my article that includes advice too: Survey of Rural Challenges: Results Show Optimism and Big Disconnects, and what economic developers can do about it.   The article was about the results from the Survey of Rural Challenges, and some advice to economic developers and others working in rural communities. You…

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Our Young People are Leaving

In an email, the writer asked: Why are young people leaving their small towns?  What can rural communities do, or are doing, to compete?  Why are young people leaving?  Here’s just a few things people told us in The Survey of Rural Challenges about why youth are leaving:  This town experiences many of the same…

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