Misfit Playbook

10409997_10203341790202167_1728251064_nIt was a great day at the first day of the 2nd MisfitCon in Fargo.  Here’s a couple of things I heard today:

The intersection of arts and entrepreneurs make it so a community can reinvent itself.  AJ Leon

You have three buckets you fill in your life: Connection, Contribution and Vitality.  Anyone of these will always be capped by the least full bucket.  Are you stuck?  Look at which bucket is low and work on that. Jonathan Fields

Love is a gift.  How do you run a business on love?  Don’t give what you get.  Give everything you’ve got.  Nathan Clark of WonderMade

When you self promote, you always end at zero.  Where you put your time and energy is where you will find love.  When people love you, it’s often because you loved them first.  Nathan Clark

Failure is a learned trait.  Collect experiences, they are not failures.  Amos Kennedy

How are you going to create an environment to be as creative as you can?  Amos Kennedy

10423426_10203344724355519_184344654_nIt is in the quiet moments that I begin to understand.  Most people do what they do.  I don’t make these posters, the printer makes these posters – I’m just a part of the process.  When you find that you like doing the work you didn’t like doing, you’ve become part of the process.  Amos Kennedy

Being a misfit is a position in our society.  You are not a misfit, you are a perfect fit.  Amos Kennedy

People aren’t buying the product, they are buying the idea of the product.  Clay Hebert

Use a sharpie to do the crossword puzzle.  There will be a new puzzle tomorrow, so be here now.  Sue Ann Reed

The things we create, are only synthesized versions of what we’ve experienced.  (I didn’t write down who said it!)

And Now … for those of you who want to be a part of the Misfit Playbook — please go to …. and sign up!  (this is for the misfits who attended the 2014 MisfitCon and want to participate in writing the playbook)

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