Fargo Bound #MisfitCon


I’m headed to Fargo for the Misfit Conference 2014.

It’s not a Chamber event, or a tourism event, or a marketing event.  Although, it will benefit all of those activities.

It is an opportunity to connect with like minded people.  To talk about dreams and build working plans to enact those dreams.  It’s a chance to meet new people and learn from them.  It is a life changing event.  

We don’t know what the agenda is.  Intentionally we don’t know.  We don’t know who the speakers are.  We don’t know what we will be eating.  We don’t know where we will be hosted.  All of this we find out when we get there.

We do know there will be indie movies, great food, book signing and inspired and inspiring speakers.

Sound a little whacked?  Yup, it is – on purpose.

Pictures from last year

1490454_10202251183097671_1410433230_oAJ Leon, organizer, says this:

Misfit is a deliberately small event handcrafted to help you walk out and make a dent in the Universe.
It is an experience that centers around a mixture of inspiring and tactical talks given by some of the galaxy’s most brilliant minds, but it is wrapped in art and film and culinary thoughtfulness. The attendee to speaker ratio is roughy 4:1. There is no live streaming, no videos of talks and no laptops allowed in the room. Oh, and the coffee is amazing. Last year, we had accountants, iOS developers, filmmakers, marketers, dog trainers, artists, moccasin makers and even a blacksmith, all descend upon Fargo with one singular ethos – to live life with intention and to do work that truly matters. Because the spaces are so limited, tickets are available by application only. 

Read more here about the Conference.

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