Sunday Update: EMS

10428751_10203345363771504_1097923375_nEMS: Emotional, Motivational, Spiritual

Often we work on one thing, exercise for example, and disregard the rest.  Or maybe you’re working on just your diet.  For effective weight loss, we all know it’s got to be a combination of both.

Thursday through Sunday (today, my birthday) I’ve been at the Misfit Conference.  It’s in Fargo and there are about 120 people here.  I personally know half of them, because we were here last year for the inaugural event.  These people are my tribe.  Our mission is to do work that matters and to live life with intention.  Catching up with my friends, in real life, has brought joy into this week.  It’s been emotional and Motivational.

Listening to the presenters I realize that I have a good spiritual life.  Each week I attend church in my home town with about 40 people I have literally known all of my life.  I don’t know when I crossed over from “Oh crap, I have to go to church” to “Oh boy! I get to go to church!”  But I’m there.  I look for the words of Jesus in my life and do my best, most days, to follow his guidance.  It’s not a big deal – I’m not asking you to do the same – it’s a choice I’ve made and I’m very happy with it.

Jonathan Fields talked about having three buckets that we work with in our lives: Connection, Contribution and Vitality.  So these Sunday posts address vitality – what I’m doing to become healthier.  Connection is really Love.  It’s your self believe, core, family, like minded community, nature and God.  Contribution is where you contribute in the world: work, community, church.  The level of the lowest filled of these buckets is the capped value of each of them.  Are you stuck?  Take a look at all of your buckets – and work on the one that is the emptiest!

10432414_10203347240378418_218224853_nI also spent a conversation with Julia Roy that really made me think.  Julie is pictured with me — she’s blonde, beautiful, smart and funny.  And we talked about being stuck.  About trying to find a diet that we could live with.  About self image.  She’s got some of the same concerns I have!  Insecurity is a monster and too often I let it sleep under my bed.  Turns out I’m not the only one.

I gave a presentation today and it went very well.  However I looked at the pictures taken and I hate them!  Who is that woman?  The image of what I look like in my head is totally different than those pictures.  There are times I look in the mirror or at a picture and I can’t see my beauty.  I only see a fat Deb.  I can’t trust what I see — because sometimes I feel I look good, and sometimes I feel I don’t.  Am I the only one?

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