Dream Board for 2011: Day 14

Dream Board

I save magazines and then on New Years Eve or New Years Day cut out pictures that appeal to me.

The pictures get organized on my dream board that sits right by my desk.

This year there’s a lot of travel on the board.  Hawaii, Peru, North Carolina, Paris, a beach with a hammock and me and my laptop.

There’s cool furniture, yoga, flowers and butterflies.

And quotes:

Waves gently breaking on shore, a perfect shell in the sand, a wisp of sea spray in the air.

We are what we think, we get what we expect.

At Home, You’re loved 4 Who You Bee.

A writer finds her creative spirit amid the sand and sea.

Finally – there I am in a red shirt and blue jeans short.  That is really me – a few years ago.

Now?  I’m 100% committed.

This is day 14 of a series of 30 pictures.  Each picture helps point towards my goals and aspirations.  The first dream board fits that description well!