Innovation, Recognition, Sustainability – Three Words for 2011

My three words – Innovation, Recognition and Sustainability – to rock me through 2011.

Chris Brogan started it in 2006, choose 3 words that represent where you are going this year.


From the Latin innovare – meaning to renew or change.  So it doesn’t mean to start something new — it simply means to renew or change something you are doing, or wish you were doing.  I’m looking hard at what has worked in the last couple of years, what I can tweek, and what can be changed.


It’s an Medieval word derived from the Old French recognōscere – which means to see.  I’m looking forward to a year of my work being recognized, seen.  It can also mean accepted, acknowledged, noticed.  All of those work too!


This is the capacity to endure.  From the Latin sustinere, which means to hold.  Maintain, support, endure.

So this year, I’ll be renewing or changing and knowing that you’ll see that.  It won’t be a one trick pony – I will endure.

What are your three words?


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