Crappy jobs don’t have to be

Idea Friendly Method

You all know about workplaces that are crappy. They operate on the old way principle of ‘this is good enough, you’re lucky to have a job.’ The pay isn’t up to par. There’s no real benefit package that includes insurance, 401K, PTO and sick days. Management operates under the fear principle (make everyone afraid of you and they’ll work harder.)

We heard from Casey who said “I work at county government and we don’t have a maternity leave policy.  There isn’t a nursing area.  We don’t have health savings accounts.  Or dental insurance.  We also don’t have any recognition.  Not even a meat and cheese try from the commissioners at Christmas.

Casey’s county government folks could give out awards pretty easily at a low to no cost to them. They could designate a room as a place to nurse. And the commissioners could host a party at Christmas.

There are companies that will help them set up health savings accounts, give choices for access to dental insurance and help employees learn how to better invest and create their own 401K plan.

The Great Resignation is a myth, in my books. Folks no longer want to work at crappy places. They want to work with companies that care about them, that have a good culture at work and with companies that recognize their value.

It’s not about the money. Most of these crappy companies don’t need much money to make the changes. They need the Idea Friendly Method.

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