Why Twitter?

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Indeed, why?

Twitter, if used correctly, provides opportunities to learn, engage and create. A year ago I was still a twitter novice.  Lucky for me, I started following people who were using social media.  I simply did a search over at for “social media” .   I found people like @chrisbrogan @keithburtis @ambercadabra @beckymccray   And I started to talk to them.  I commented on links they posted.  I asked them questions.  Today – I have 2700 plus followers.   The number is not important – the people I follow are.

So how has twitter helped my business in the past year?

It’s helped me to define just what it is I do.  I’ve learned how to write business bios, business plans, P and L statements – that represent who and what Debworks is.  It narrowed my concentration when I learned how to do this.  I am not all over the board anymore.

It’s given me access to websites I would never have dreamed of looking for, let alone reading. just to name a few.

It’s helped me to set up peer advisors. @beckymccray has been a go to person for me – and now a friend.   @grantgriffiths has become a business partner and a friend.  @codyks has become comic relief, someone to bounce ideas off of and a friend.  Notice something – the friend thing?  If you’re having conversations on twitter, you are creating friends.

Its taught me social media skills, that I use everyday in my business. I use twitter to ask questions of the people I talk with.  I follow the link suggestions and learn new things all the time.  Google groups, Google analytics, google alerts, headway theme for wordpress, flickr — all things I learned from someone talking about them on twitter.

It’s brought me business. I now teach at Iowa Valley Continuing Education.   I work with small businesses and non profits determining if this new marketing is something they want to do and helping them set up their plans.  I’ve added new Melaleuca clients.  I’ve been a speaker at conferences.  Now – I’m hosting and speaking at the Small Biz Social Media Summit.   All from connections I’ve made on twitter.

Its brought me friends. Being a geek girl is not always the most comfortable person to be.  I have found like minded individuals who ‘get’ me.  I’ve learned to just be me – and I’m pretty funny and wicked smart.

It’s honed my writing. I’ve found a place to write and subjects to write about.  My twitter friends read my blog posts and share them with others.  I’ve guest posted on other sites.  I’ve sharpened my writing skills and branched out and write grants for non-profits.

Most importantly – it’s renewed my faith in people. The kindness I’ve experienced on twitter has been life saving.

Why twitter for you?

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