We’re having a concert in Hampton

We’re having a concert in Hampton March 12.

Not just any concert though.  It’s the Simon Estes Young Performing Artist Concert and Residency.  That’s a mouthful.  Here’s what it means.

2 college graduates with degrees in some form of fine arts will come to Hampton on Friday.  They’ll perform and hang out with the kids at three different greater Franklin County Schools.  They’ll also do a press conference that’s open to the public.  We want them to learn how to interact with their public, the press and students.  They’ll also open a few cultural doors for the students.  They are not rock stars, they are classical performers.  Saturday there’s a benefactor dinner and the actual concert is at 7 p.m.  March 11 and 12 are the actual dates.

What’s even cooler (just imagine something even cooler!) is that EVERY SINGLE DONATION AND TICKET SALE will go to the Franklin County Arts Council Scholarship Fund. There are corporate and individual sponsors that gave enough money so that this would be possible.  We’re not talking $25 scholarships either.  There will be $1000 to start – and more depending on funds raised.  Leon Kuehner will go around to the schools in March and the scholarship winners will be selected in May.  2011.

Have a listen to Kimberly Claypool from Cell Tech (a sponsor) and Joyce and Lee Blum (another sponsor).