Using A Mind Movie in Your Network Marketing Business

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If you have been in network marketing for any length of time, you have probably seen and heard about mind movies. But what exactly is a mind movie? The easiest and most concise way to describe a mind movie is a short video of pictures and text designed to explain in detail a future event.

There are several types of mind movies as well. For example, I have one mind movie which includes, pictures, text and music and positive I am declarations of what I plan to be in the
future but the expressions are written in the present as if I am already doing and have already accomplished those things. I also have another one, which focuses exclusively on travel and includes pictures and text about all of the places I plan to visit when I am financially free and have the time to travel the world thanks to my network marketing business. It is also possible to create mind movies for other aspects of your life and business as well, such as one on
health, one on self-development, one on family, one on work etc.

So now that you understand what a mind movie is, how do I use them in my network marketing business and how can you use them in your business as well?

1. I create the movies and then I share them with others. I include posting them on Youtube, sending them out as a tweet on Twitter, posting them on Facebook and posting them on my websites and blogs as a part of my routine. This allows my friends and followers as well as my visitors to see what I am planning for my future and to imagine themselves as a part of it.

2. I create a new mind movie every once in a while so that I can keep my goals and dreams fresh and also since I am changing, my mind movies will change.

3. I watch my mind movies on a regular basis so that I can remember what I am focused on achieving. This also helps me when I have having a bad day or I feel like I have lost focus or motivation with my business to have my mind movie in my head to get me back on track.

In summary mind movies are a great way to take your business goals and I am statements and turn them into real activities and to make them real for you and for anyone else who may be thinking about coming along for the ride with you and your business.

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