On Vacation

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The last time I was gone for two weeks was a trip to Greece in 2000. I’ve been working for myself now for six years. When I do go away, my laptop and work files go with me. I am a workshifter. I work where I am.

Now I’m taking a vacation. I’m going to Atlantic City with my hubby, sister in law and niece. We are staying right on the water. Hubby will be playing poker. Sister in law will be doing her thing at the casinos. My niece and I will be at the beach. She’s 11. I’m not. Should really be fun. Of course hubby and I will have dinner together, spend some well needed time alone together. Five days. Minimum email checking, 1/2 hour of twitter each day, no blog writing, no Debworks writing. I may enroll a couple of new clients (can’t help myself).

Then I’m headed to the Jersey Shore to hang out with my friend Lisa. We will laugh, walk the shoreline, read books, drink wine and do whatever we want to do. Four days of serious relaxation. I will check my email. Nothing else online.

Then it’s off to Orlando Florida. Two days of Epcot, Sea World and one day of pool. Four days of Melaleuca Annual Convention. I will be unplugged for one week. No email. No computer.

Preparation taken prior to trip:
1. blog posts written and post dated, guest blog posts as well
2. Set vacation response on email
3. Informed clients I will be out of town
4. Planned the trip in August when a lot of Americans are on vacation

What I will do when on vacation:
1. Admit I really am on vacation.
2. Read: Conversations with Richard Bandler, The Best Year of Your Life – for starters.
3. Spend a lot of time by the water. It soothes my soul.
4. Play. In the water with my niece. At Epcot and Sea World.
5. Reconnect. With hubby. With Melaleucans. With myself.

Can I disconnect? Will I miss out on a lot? Two weeks is a long time to be away from my business.

Working on yourself is almost important as working on your business. If you are not comfortable with who you are, how are your clients going to be comfortable with you?

This little energizer bunny needs to recharge her batteries. Being by the ocean, playing and reading — that recharges me.

Remember, all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them. …Debbie Ford

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