Use the assets you have in your small town

People in small towns often say “there’s nothing to do here.” I beg to differ. You will be surprised by the list of assets you can come up with. Caring people, good schools, local artists are a few assets your town might have. What are other assets?

  • natural resources – like scenic landscapes, waterfalls, rivers and lakes
  • historic landmarks – many of your buildings are old! Do you know their history? Ripley, Ohio has some great ones!
  • quirky items – Largest skillet in Brandon, Iowa – Built in 2004 for the town’s Cowboy Breakfast Festival, the skillet could fry 44 dozen eggs or 88 pounds of bacon
  • recreational areas- soccer fields, RV parks with places for kids to play, rivers and lakes to have fun in
  • local businesses – small towns are notorious for fun businesses!
  • community events – that yearly Christmas event can be on someone else’s list to come to
  • unique products and services that showcase the town’s character and charm. I got ramp salt in West Virginia and now I order it from JQ Dickensons every year.

By working together and building on these assets, you can create a thriving local economy and a vibrant community that residents are proud to call home.

Start a list – of all the assets you can think of in your town.

Share it. Ask others to join in and add to the list!