Upper Midwest Social Media Conference

It is my great pleasure and certain honor to be one of the speakers at the Upper Midwest Social Media Conference on September 26.   The event will be held in the Clarion Hotel in Mason City, Iowa.

I’ll be discussing Facebook for Businesses, more specifically – How Important is Facebook for Your Rural Business.  Statistics show that there are more than 750 million Facebook users and half of them are on Facebook everyday. 30% of those 750 million are over the age of 35.   71% of the United States internet users are on Facebook.

The average user has 130 friends.  Think about that for a minute.  If you make an impression on one user – there is the possiblity that he will share his good impression with 130 of his online friends.  What could that do for your business?

In our neck of the woods — upper Midwest Iowa — approximately 50% of the people are on Facebook.  It’s truly become the place people go to for news, updates from their friends, brand information and ….. your page.  If you have one.

Why not join us for the Conference on Monday the 26th September in Mason City?


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