Why I Go To Church

Kids at Rally Day

In church we sit in the same pew.  We share joys and concerns.  We read the Lords Prayer.  The kids go up front for the Children’s sermon.  The collection is always followed by same song.  The service ends with ‘Til We Meet Again.

This is available to anyone who attends on Sunday.  It is familiar and easy.  This routine performed week after week creates consistency.  It is comforting.

People ask why I go to church.  What’s the point?  Can’t I listen to all of this online?  Or read it in a book?  Don’t I have better things to do on a Sunday morning?

My church family is a direct link to God.  All that routine we do?  It creates a pathway to love.  I know that the people who go to church with me would be there in my time of need.  It’s not just times of need – it’s also times of fun and joy!  We’ve created lasting relationships – and we can change the world together.  I go to hear the Word, but I also go to be with my friends.  And my friends look out for me – they are my customers, my friends, my support system.


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