I use Google calendar.  I like it.  It’s easy to set up appointments, get reminders and it syncs with my Blackberry.  

For years I vasciliated between hard copy calendar systems and online ones.  I finally just made up my mind to use the benefits of the Blackberry and Google.  
The hardest part?  Making up my mind.

Blackberry Pearl.  Small, with internet capabilities I need.  I can check all of my email.  I see Facebook updates.  I take pictures and send them to twitpic.  The keyboard is just like a keyboard, kind of.  If I had to do it over, I would probably choose the full size Blackberry – where the keyboard really is like a keyboard.  
I had to learn how to use it.  Once again, the hardest part was making up my mind to do it.
I use  I have a word processing system, a spreadsheet system, a presentation system — that all look like Microsoft Office products.  Except Open Office is free.  
No hard part here.  Decision was easy.  Why?  I know the Microsoft software and receiving similiar products was a no brainer.  
I am using  (Gary Vaynerchuk recommended it)  I am playing around with my webcam.  Nothing serious yet.  My biggest dilemma?  My internet connection.  I’m in the country and rely on satellite.  It is usually slow – not dial up slow, but intermittent slow.  Doesn’t mix well with video uploads.
Hard part?  I haven’t made up my mind to work this all out, yet. 
Social Media
I use facebook, twitter and blogging.  There are many options.  Seth Godin said choose 3 or 4 and work them.    
Twitter was probably the hardest to get going.  I had to spend days building a network that was helpful to me.  Why did I do it?  I saw the value to my life and my business.  

What tools to you use?  What are your hard parts?  What value do they bring? 
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