The Power of Technology

Today I went out for lunch with a friend.  I pulled out my smart phone (Verizon Android Charge) and went to My Fitness Pal app and punched in the meal I wanted.  Sure enough, I could have it – it qualified for the amount of calories I wanted for lunch.

Coconut Cream Pie by Randy Mayor

Pic by Randy Mayor for

The specials sign at Honk ‘n’ Holler said they had pie.  Oh my! That coconut cream looked scrumptious.  Once again, I checked in my app to see if maybe it came in around 200 calories.  If it did, I could have it.  Turns out, there’s a ton of different kinds of coconut cream pie – most of them around 400-500 calories.

I asked the waitress what kind it was, homemade or frozen?  She went and checked.  She said that the box said to cut it into 10 pieces.  Who cuts a pie into 10 pieces?  And if you did – the calorie count was 385.  That means if you cut the pie like a normal person into 6 pieces, the calorie count would zoom right over 500.

Now I could go to the gym (again) today and work off some of that.

Or I could just not order it.  Suddenly, that coconut cream pie didn’t sound so good anymore.

The power of technology — talked me right outta that pie. 


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