The Power of a Dream

The Power of a Dream

Growing up we all had dreams. I wanted to write poetry and be famous. My brother was going to be a racecar driver.

Then when we went to college – our dreams changed. I would be a teacher of poetry. My brother was going to be an engineer.

When we started in the ‘real world’ we wanted to make enough money to pay our bills and go out and have some fun.

We had families – our dreams began to be for our kids – what can we provide for them?

Now we find ourselves in a recession. Some of us are laid off, some salaries have been cut. All of us are paying higher prices for everything.

Where are your dreams now?

Do you have a way to generate additional income that is residual? Why not? Sooner or later – we will all need to find a way to generate extra income. What are you doing?

I work with my team. I recruit them, help train them and watch them grow. One of the first things I do with a teammate is help them dream. We all need dreams – and dreams that we can actually achieve.

In my business, a dream is a requirement. You’ve got to have that dream to work towards. We work with our teammates and show you how to turn a dream into a goal – and achieve it.

Are you working like that?

picture courtesy of designldg at creative commons