Keith Burtis – Best Buy Remix

Interview with Keith Burtis – Community manager for Best Buy Remix

Hi Keith, what is it that you do most often in your job as community manager?

We usually handle tasks that are timely and need paying attention to quickly. Most companies are very involved with day to day activities internally and don’t have time to reach out to the community. My job is to listen, connect and facilitate connections. As well as increase the awareness around the BB remix site.

I take the information that I get from the public and bring that feedback back to the team internally. Where we can put into practice the suggestions and needs of the users.

What kind of tools are you using?

All community managers have to be selective about which tools they use. Many can be a time suck and waste. Actually choices are made by where the people you want to communicate with are. Where do they live? For us they are in user groups, developers portals, facebook groups etc.

We are also setting up our own Google group so that developers can communicate and collaborate. (thats facilitation)

Any social media advice?

I think it is important to connect to anyone that connects to you.

Be genuine in your communications. You never know who is influential or not. Treat everyone as if they are gold. I can give an example. An older woman connected with me, in her 70’s or 80’s. She had no idea what I might be able to do for her. I explained in the most simple terms what Remix was and she told me she had two grandsons that were developers online. And she put them in contact with me! So you never know who can provide you with valuable information.

That being said, going in with no plan and trying to talk to everyone is impossible. So I am in twitter and getting serendipitous connections there. On facebook I can join groups that are specific to designers, developers, etc.

What’s new coming down the pike for Best Buy remix?

We will be tapping the affiliate marketing area soon and that will really broaden the area of interest. When we launch, I will certainly give you more information!

Tomorrow’s post will be about being your own Community Manager!