The Marriage of Blogging and Twitter

This is a great photo from Ogilvy’s  360 degrees digital influence team.  You can view it better at this link.  

They have a Twitter strategy for Customer Relations, Crisis Management, Corporate Reputation Management, Event Coverage, Product Promotion and Sales and Issues Advocacy.  

Ogilvy takes that strategy and figures out who to follow, how to create content for each area and how to engage.  
Now let’s work the concept a little (maybe a lot).
You’re a blogger.  You’ve figured out what the intention of your blog.  You may have even created a mission statement.  How can you meld blogging with twitter?
First of all – DON’T jam your blog down people’s throats.  Big no no.  People stop following you when you do that.  Twitter is an arena where you can have a conversation.  
Now let’s figure out where we might need to create a strategy for our blogs.
Customer Relations: ask yourself these questions.  
1.  Who reads your blogs?  
2. Who do you want to read your blogs?
Once you’ve determined who your customers are (and customers don’t necessarily have to be buying anything – they can just be called clients), you’ll want to create content relevant for them.  You’ll start engaging them, having conversations, responding to their comments.  You will also keep looking for new clients to follow on twitter.  Utilize and  
22 tweets per day is deemed the optimum number of tweets.  (per hubspot)   I tweet about my blog post for that day maybe 5 times (that’s the high end).  It’s enough.  The rest of the time should be spent engaging in conversation with followers.  
Let’s stop for today.  Go find some people to follow.  Write a blog post.  Talk to someone.  Engage.  Converse.  Comment!  

Oh yeah – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (read here why we drink green beer) 


  1. John Stauffer on March 17, 2009 at 4:20 pm


    Glad to hear your found some use in our Twitter graphic. I think you’ve hit on a good point about not using Twitter to simply broadcast out blog posts. It’s often a hard balance to strike.

    Happy St. Patrick’s day!

    John Stauffer
    360 Digital Influence

  2. Deb Brown on March 18, 2009 at 2:27 am

    Hi John,
    Thanks for stopping by! I loved the Twitter graphic and find it useful to my business. It seems that social media is all about balance, isn’t it?