Telling My Story

I said just recently that I really like telling stories.  

I’m spending three days in Salt Lake City Utah over the weekend.  I found a product, made by Melaleuca, that helped me cope with irritable bowel syndrome. I shared that story in a letter to Melaleuca this past summer.  This week they invited me to come out and share that story in a video.  The invite included airline tickets and hotel reservations.  They invited five of us Melaleuca customers (out of 880,000 customers) to come tell our story.

I’ve told this story to a few friends and family members.  Now I think I’ll share it with the rest of you.

GC Control has changed my life, my health, and given me a new lease on life.

I am Deb Brown a happy customer since 2004, and here is my story.

I am melting away! I’ve gone from a size 26 to a size 20 in clothes. I’ve lost 42 pounds and I look like a different person. My face looks normal again. I have a neck now. I can walk more than a block without getting winded. And I don’t crave those dang carbs! And thank you for making these products gluten free – they keep my Irritable Bowel Syndrome at bay and make it possible for me to actually absorb nutrition.

I was diagnosed in 1999 with Syndrome X (aka metabolic syndrome), put on high blood pressure medicine and told to eat better. There’s a history in my family of diabetes, heart problems, obesity …. All tied into this syndrome (no matter what you call it!).

Over the years I’ve battled a sweet tooth and lost. It seems that every afternoon if I didn’t have some candy or junk food, I was ready to kill someone. No matter what diet I tried – and I’ve tried them all – that carb craving never went away. It was a constant fight and I was not winning.

In February of this year my mom got very sick with COPD and congestive heart failure. It was frightening – she had always been a go-getter and she’s been waylaid by this illness. I made a vow then that I was going to lose the weight and finally get in shape so I would not become old and sick. Around the same time I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (after a ridiculous amount of tests). Everything I ate went right through me, and yet I was still fat. Something told me all of this Syndrome X and IBS were related. I was already sick! It was time to do something, before I was dead.

I joined the gym, went 3-4 times a week, tried to eat right and took my Vitality for Life and used my Access Bar. But I still wasn’t really losing weight (a few pounds only). Then, during Convention, my enroller and dear friend, Erin Criss, texted me from the floor of Convention and said “go to the WEB site. The product they introduced is going to change your life.” I ordered that Friday and was drinking my first shake the following Thursday.

My life has not been the same. I can’t believe I am not out of my mind craving carbs! But I’m not. When late afternoon rolls around, I simply have a shake. The desire to eat every potato chip, salted nut roll or ice cream bar in a tri-county area has disappeared. I’m sleeping through the night as opposed to waking up every night at three to go to the bathroom and then can’t get back to sleep. My chronic diarrhea problems are lessening. I’m working out and losing weight. I’m building muscle and losing fat. Let me repeat that … I’M LOSING WEIGHT.

I had decided I was just going to be fat. I had accepted the fact that I would carry about 100 pounds of extra weight around, and that it would probably kill me early. Nothing I was doing was working; I was ready to give up.

Melaleuca changed that – I now believe I’ll be healthy and fit. Thank you for giving me a chance at life, because now I know there’s hope.”

Me in the summer of 2010

Deb on November 20, 2012