Sunday Update: Wheat Free

Day 31 - Meet My CaneWheat free – it’s harder than you think, but easier than sugar free.  No bread, no chips, nothing with wheat – takes a little getting used to.  But I’m starting to get the hang of it.  The place I eat lunch at has switched to gluten free, wheat free wraps for me.  I’ve bought meat to cook and eat when I get home from work.  The hard part is staying away from the sugar.

Lord knows I love my sugar.

I’ve started with not drinking soft drinks, and drinking more water.  Although today I had a diet lime ginger ale, and it was good.  But I didn’t have three a day each day this week! I’ve also added fruit to my diet.  Snacks are either my protein bar from Melaleuca or an apple or some dried fruit.  Beats a candy bar, potato chips or some other junk food. I’m also not eating when I’m not hungry.  Just because I used to eat when I got home, doesn’t mean I have to do that now.  In fact, I’ve been having a shake once and awhile!

So the entire thing boils down to … baby steps.  Just baby steps – do a little at a time, do what you can and keep believing in yourself.


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