Sunday Update: Waiting

Beauty shines through when you are with someone you love.

Beauty shines through when you are with someone you love.

I’ve been thinking about mirrors.  When I look in the mirror, at any given point, I never look the same.  Some days my hair looks great and then I see myself in a picture and it looks awful.  Other days I see myself in a passing window and wonder who that old woman is.  In my head, I look 25 again.  I’m tall, hot and happy.

And there in is the glitch.  I’m waiting on my youth to return.  I wait when I’m walking for my body to catch up and return me to 25.  I expect my arms to return to buff like they were many years ago while I use my bands.  I dream of the wind rushing through my hair as I ride my bike knowing that today I have less hair.  My youth will not return.  In the waiting I’m wasting time and dreaming of a past that won’t return.  I’m not honoring the years I’ve lived, the experiences I’ve had, the people who love me just as I am.

I’m done waiting.  I am who I am, full of lots of experiences and love and moving forward into health that I can achieve today.  The past is the past.  The future is tomorrow.  Today is all there is.  Let’s live it and stop looking in mirrors.

From Brain Pickings today: 

Perfection is “lean” and “taut” and “hard” – like a boy athlete of twenty, a girl gymnast of twelve. What kind of body is that for a man of fifty or a woman of any age? “Perfect”? What’s perfect? A black cat on a white cushion, a white cat on a black one . . . A soft brown woman in a flowery dress . . . There are a whole lot of ways to be perfect, and not one of them is attained through punishment.

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