It’s all about relationships

chrisEvery Sunday Chris Brogan emails me.  Most of the time it’s just to chat, share a few business ideas and maybe tell me about an upcoming thing he has going on.  Yesterday he said this:

If you’re not finding ways to nurture a community, if you’re not thinking of ways to build a relationship beyond the buy button, that’s why your business is drying up. The phone isn’t ringing because people don’t know enough about you to know that they should love you. Your skills aren’t good enough.

People buy stories not skills. The skills are a given. We buy the relationship, not the checkbox.

Just a simple little piece of advice that can change everything about your business.  Are you sharing your stories?

Here’s what else Chris had to say:

Every single day, if you could have even a baseline of using media and community to earn more customers, could you do just these three things?

  1. Create some piece of content, however brief, that helps someone else move the ball forward in some way? It can be two hundred words on a blog post: “How to fix that leaky faucet without our expert plumbers.” 
  2. Look around and see if there’s even one person you can help (not necessarily a customer, but someone you can help). (There’s always someone looking for something at The Secret Team.)
  3. Promote someone other than yourself for the great work they do. 

It won’t change things overnight.  Nothing really does you know.  But it will move you forward, build relationships and show people it’s about them, not you.

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