Ebook Now Available

11118320_10205739247297096_1459913879_nYou never see what goes on behind the scenes.  An author writes the book and publishes it.  I’m no different.  My ebook The Tour of Empty Buildings: Told Using the 7 Principles for Building Possibility has been completed and is now for sale on Amazon (just click on the title above).

We held the Tour two years ago this month and it’s been a grand time watching the results of that tour.  I took copious notes and saved many pages into my Evernote account and finally started writing about the process.  I then noticed a trend – there were seven things you needed to do to make a success out of a venture.  The 7 Possibilities were born!

Now, how to put this book together.

The days of writing and someone else publishes it and does all the work are gone.  If you want to be successful with your book, you need to be involved in the entire process.  It’s a huge learning venture, a perfect opportunity to up your networking game and a lot of fun.  However, things like work, family and life sometimes get in the way!  What was first intended to be a 6 month project has turned into a 2 year project, and I’m still writing.

I extend my gratitude and thanks to my many followers and cheerleaders – you guys make it possible for this process to move forward.  Your good thoughts, prayers, encouragement and sharing humble me.  Thank you!

Now — enjoy the book and let me know what you think!