Sunday Update: Summer

10470873_10203420176281770_744796678_oIt’s June 15 and finally I feel like summer is here!  I bought a bike a couple of weeks ago from the Webster City buy and sell page.  Sadly, the back tire has a bent rim which makes the back brakes a little wonky.  However, it’s a decent mountain bike and I got it for $50.  Another $50 and I’ll be good.  Caveat emptor!

This week I trained twice and worked out on my own once.  Randy is concentrating on cardio and core for the next 12 weeks – twice a week.  He also has a 6 am bootcamp every day, and I’m going to M,W, and F.  Do the math – 5 days a week working out.  So for three months I’ll be a gym rat.  An early morning gym rat.

How do  I feel about that?  Nervous, excited and anxious.  Working with Randy will be fine, he knows my limits.  But the bootcamp – can I do it?  Will people laugh?  My thoughts are: so what if they do, at least I’m there and working on my health.  Can I do it? Maybe, maybe not – but I’ll do the best I can.

I’m reading The Tapping Solution by Jessica Orton.  I just started it and in the intro Christine Northrup talks about how our emotions guide our actions.  “I deserve this piece of cake” and “I’ll never lose weight, I’m a loser” kind of thoughts come from our emotions.  How will tapping fix this?  I don’t know yet, and I don’t know if it will.  What I do know is getting educated on problems you have is never a bad thing.  Check out her Facebook page here.

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