12 Things I’m Not Going To Do

10466850_10203479282599391_1131119702_nI am not going to:

1. Complain.  Who has time to listen to me anyway?  I’ll just work with people and we will figure out how to make things better.

2. Sit on my ass.  That’s right – I’ve committed to 12 weeks of 2x a week training and 3x a week bootcamp.  My BOB (big ‘ol butt) is going away!

3. Make fun of others.  This is not a win for anyone.  It makes me look stupid and it hurts people’s feelings.

4. Give up.  I’m a lucky girl and live a blessed life.  Any changes I need to make I can make.

5. Stop learning.  Every day I peruse sites on the web that teach me new things.  When you stop learning, you stop living.

6. Stop talking to my friends.  My friends give meaning to my life.  They understand me and they love me anyway.

7. Stop calling my mom every night.  I love my mom!  We spend 20-30 minutes every night dissecting the day.  She can’t leave the house as much and I can share my world with her.  It’s a win for me.

8. Stop teasing my brother.  Jon and I go way back.  I love him to death (don’t tell him).  He’s my ace boon coon and has my back when I need him there.  Still … he’s my baby brother and it’s my duty to tease him.

9. Stop supporting small businesses in my neck of the woods.  I try not to shop at the big boxes cause they don’t love me like the small stores do.  Mom and pops make things happen locally and I love them.

10. Stop writing.  It’s my passion.  I love telling stories, taking pictures and sharing what it is I see.   I’m sitting in the chair and doing my work.

11. Stop talking to myself.  Except now I only tell myself good things.  I’ve retired the little devil that used to sit on my shoulder and hired the fun guys to sing and tell me good stuff.

12. Stop being relentlessly optimistic.  It’s who I am.

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