Sunday Update: La Vida Loca

12048869_10206890449156423_1443061844_nIt’s easier than you think, living the wild life.  It’s all in your definition of wild, isn’t it?  I’ve decided to surround myself at home and work with things (you know, stuff) that either serves a purpose or that I love.  If I kinda like it, out it goes.  If someone gave it to me and I think i need to keep it, but I don’t like it – out it goes.  If I bought the dress hoping it would one day fit and one day is not here – it will fit someone else RIGHT now.  Out it goes!

There’s a lot of emotion tied to ‘stuff’.  We think we need things to remember, but we don’t.  The memories are there – and they stay there.  We think ‘stuff’ makes us better, stronger, more important and that’s not true either.  It’s just stuff.

The memories in my heart can’t be replaced.  The laughter shared over dinner with friends can’t be taken away.  The smiles, joy and happiness reside within us – not outside of us.

It’s the same thing with food, for me.  I’d much rather go to Cheesecake Factory and eat hibachi steak with wasabi potatoes, walk around the mall with my friend and window shop and spend a pleasant afternoon in the right sunshine.  I choose to eat that lovely, healthy food – instead of sitting at home with my ‘stuff’ and gorging on potato chips and ice cream.  Stuff and no memories = boring.  Boring brings on more urges to eat crap.  Eating crap makes you fat.

So cut your hair how you want to, put glow in the dark stars on your ceiling in your bedroom, buy that chair you’ve been lusting after, get on a stage and share a story, be the marvelous human being you were always meant to be.

Let’s live the wild life, eat what we love and surround ourselves with joy.  Livin’ la vida loca.

p.s. Mom, I’m celebrating with you and living the big life I told you I would! Happy birthday a day early Shirley Mae.