Sunday Update on a Tuesday

12008311_10206830974589596_1660237833_oLast week flew by!  RVTV was Thursday, the day started at 5:30 am and ended just after midnight.  I walked almost 10,000 steps that day.  Friday found me on an airplane headed to Chicago for the weekend with my niece.  We bemoaned that we ate so much, but actually we didn’t.

Friday night I had chicken skewers at TGIFridays – cooked in soy sauce with a miso glaze.  They were great!  We ate about 10 pm and that was late for dinner.  Saturday we had a big brunch at Yolk (eggs, bacon, red potatoes, nutella crepes) and then dinner at Greek Islands (grilled octopus, sea bass, saganaki).  Sunday was lunch at Giordanos (sampler plate and pepperoni pizza).  So it wasn’t a lot of food, but it was a lot of very delicious and rich food we don’t normally eat.

I was approached by to review their program and agreed to do so because I can incorporate into my day to day.  You create your meal plan, you choose the foods you want and they send you a shopping menu and recipes.  I shop this week!  I find that I do well with planned menus, even if its cook once and eat that meal over 3 days.  I’ll keep you updated.

12019117_10206838278772196_534049673_oI’m closer to going sugar free.  It’s such a big step!  And frankly, I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to take it.  I think the thought of giving up those things I love (candy corn, hot tamales, chocolate desserts) isn’t sitting well with me.  Yet I know my health will improve.  So I think working with the platejoy program will help — having enough food ready to go, and good food at that, will be a real treat.  It’s not the sweets – it’s the thought I might have to do without something.  Funny how the human brain works, isn’t it?  Those chicken skewers I had – they were better than any dessert I could want.  So working on changing my thinking to know that food made with love will always trump food that will eventually hurt me. 

Folks, that was an epiphany!

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