Sunday Update: Interactions

big chicken at Newbo Market

big chicken at Newbo Market

Monday I went to boot camp.  Then I helped set up for RVTV.  Then I walked almost 13 miles and greeted 4,000 people who were attending the event.

Tuesday I went to the doctor.  Once a year I go, get my blood drawn to check what they check and they update my high blood pressure medicine, IBS drugs and happy pills.  My blood tests results were fine, in fact they were very good.  My blood pressure is great.  My IBS, if not stressed, is manageable.  My happy pills work just fine.

I wanted to know why if I was working out for the last 9 months why I have not lost much weight.  I know I have eating habits to work on, but still – three times a week and I’m not losing weight?

My doctor sat down and said “let’s take a look at what you are doing.” And we discussed eating patterns, when I was working out, my stress levels and finally my medicines.  And we found two culprits.  The first was STRESS.  Even good stress is hard on the body.  So I’m looking at methods to reduce stress, including breathing, yoga, stretching and the like.  The second culprit was my happy pills.  One of the side effects is they can make you gain weight!  So the good news is I have not gained weight.  The bad news is I won’t lose much weight either.  Then we discussed other options and finally chose one that I think will work for me.

Two things I want to tell you.  First, read the small print.  Find out what the side effects are, and pay close attention.  Know the interactions!  Second, there is nothing wrong with taking medicine to assist and treat depression.  It looks like many different things in different people.  In my family, my grandmother, my dad, my brother and I have been diagnosed with it.  It’s a chemical imbalance and medication keeps the blues away.


  1. Todd Jordan on September 14, 2014 at 9:36 am

    Thanks for sharing this.

    All kinds of meds have all kinds of effects.

    You’re so right about reading the fine print and asking questions.

    Hopefully we find doctors willing to indulge our questions and work with us.

  2. Deb on September 14, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    We are seeing more doctors willing to work and learn themselves about integrative health and alternative medicine. It’s a good start — and I always say, if you are not comfortable with your doctor/therapist/counselor – get another one!

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