Sunday Update: Germs and Oils

FullSizeRender (1)Oh boy, working with the public you’re exposed to germs all the time.  I thought I might have escaped the cold season this year.  However, Wednesday morning I was sitting in my office getting ready to go out of town for Leadership Iowa meetings and I started sneezing and my nose was itching and my eyes were running.  What the hell?  It was amazing — just like that, someone had turned the switch on!

Lucky for me, I had my new Fairycake Designs bag (see the picture above, a local designer makes them – and soon to be a Chamber member we hope) and I had packed my three tried and true oils in them.  Armor, Blue Heat and Frankincense.  I pulled out the Armor and applied just one drop to my cheeks and forehead.  Immediately my sinuses stopped running.

After my two hour drive I checked into the hotel and drank an Activate drink, took my vitamins and a quick nap.  I also drank a ton of water that night and the next day.  I washed my hands often, ate well and drank hot tea too. I continued to apply Armor and got lots of sleep at night.  By Friday afternoon, I felt fine.  Today – that cold is out of the door and on the way down the street to someone else’s house.

Don’t ask me where those germs came from, I don’t know.  I do know the body weakens some from stress and it’s important to find ways to release stress, and I’m working on that too.  Exercise is good and I’m using the Fitboard when I hear a good song as often as I can.  Breathing through anger and realizing that the things I’m getting angry about won’t really matter in the long run,and I won’t even remember them in five years.  And begin prepared is important – and this time, I was!  Thanks Melaleuca – you provided wellness for me!


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