SaveYour.Town: 5 Stories – Session 3

Every Sunday Becky McCray and I share 5 stories found online and comment about them on  Here’s what we shared yesterday.

How a small town in Kentucky revitalized its struggling Main Street with local food, local business

Population 7,300 – 20 new businesses – this is just crazy – it fills my heart.

Wall Street Analysts Predict The Slow Demise Of Walmart And Target The decline of these big boxes is good for Main Street retailers

I’m a fan of main street retailers – and to see the increase of business downtown is always a good thing.

Make an Outdoor Office Space Build a sense of community by working outside:

I just shared the picture of our small outdoor space with the bank that owns our building at work – and suggested we create a small park for breaks for them and us!

DEconomics: Pop! Fledgling business owners’ dreams come true.  18 pop-ups = 17 long-term leases.

I like what Delaware and MD are doing around this – and they are also working very closely with artists – I was in Delaware for the Main Street conference in 2012 and visited a community where they had long term popups – what we call incubators here – for artists.

How to Make Friends in the City (or small town): Grow Vegetables Together

I like the roving idea – portable beds! I just attended Leadership iowa this week and found out that in Iowa there are currently 180 different languages being spoken in our state – from countries such as Sudan, the Marshall Islands and Paulau, the Ukranian Pentacostals, Nepali refugees, Burma refugees, Iraq and more – what a brilliant way to meet people – over gardening!