Sunday Update: Bicycle

FullSizeRenderI had a good week – I spent a lot of it driving to and from Michigan where I spoke at the Small Town and Rural Conference.  I also spent a lot of time in the car – and I have it in my head that I can eat junk food when I’m on a road trip.  That’s a hard notion to break – but I did pretty good.  I did stop and eat at sit down restaurants instead of using a drive through.  I drank water.  I walked each day too – intentionally trying for my 4000 steps.  I hit my numbers all but two days.  I’m getting better at parking further away, taking the long way and using the stairs.

As a reward, I usually buy clothes – or spend money.  I noticed that today as I headed to Cato’s to look for a lightweight long sweater jacket thingamajiggy.  I found it too.  I also saw a woman in the dressing room mirror and I didn’t like how she looked.  Where did all that extra weight come from?  Today I actually saw the extra weight – on top of my skinny frame.  It made me put back all the clothes I had picked up.  There’s no reward yet — I’ve got work to do.

FullSizeRender (1)So I started driving and found a bicycle shop.  It’s that time of year.  I’ve only ever bought a bike from a big box store – and it was a LONG time ago.  So I thought I’d try this ‘ohmyGodthesearerealbikers’ kind of shop.  A young, long haired man offered assistance.  I told him I needed a bike for a tall, fat woman who wants to lose 100 pounds and remember how much fun she had riding bikes and my budget was $200.  He took his time, thinking, thinking, thinking.  Then he said “I’m not sure I can help you.  We don’t have anything in your price range.  You could go to Taxxxx – but you’ll be disappointed and sore in a month.  You need a bike that will support you, give you comfort and make you feel good.  I can help you with that.”

We spent another hour talking tires, how to brake, how to get your ride on in the winter (spin bike while watching movies).  I had him order a bike that was perfect for me.  It will be here in a week.  Jeff said “When you ride, you can forget all your worries and cares and just enjoy the sun, the wind and nature.  It makes for the best day, that is why I recommend riding in the morning before work.

Rasmussen Bike Shop is in Des Moines and a small business.  I stopped there because I’m a supporter of the small business.  We don’t have a bike shop in my town, or I would have gone there first.  It was a very pleasant day with my sales guy Jeff – he spent a lot of time with me, didn’t rush me, answered all my questions, and made me feel like his only customer.  He was honest too.  You can visit their site at  (I was not paid nor given anything to write this post.)