Self: Day Five

deb tree copyEven a dog wags its own tail.

I believe it’s important to talk about what you are doing.  You never know when you may be an example for someone else.

I’m speaking at on Monday November 1.  It’s a real honor.

I hope that you visit, either in person, or at the live stream.  This just might be the event that could change the way you do things – and lead to bigger and better opportunities.

Keep an eye out on twitter for @debworks — I’ll tweet a lot of the event live.  The hashtag is #140conf – I won’t be the only one talking! You can go to and type in #140conf and follow along.  Or if you have tweetdeck as the application you use for your twitter conversations – do a search for #140conf and enjoy the program.

It will also be live streamed — and as soon as I have that address, I’ll share it.

Here’s the link for the daily paper:

So yes, I’m talking about my self.  In the process of becoming involved with this conference, I also had the great fortune to meet many remarkable people along the way.  I have a real commitment to volunteering, history and community – and I manage to find “my people” everywhere I go.  It doesn’t happen overnight – you have to work at finding and making new friends.

Just remember — I’m the dog wagging my own tail.  Are you?