Sedalia, Missouri

Yesterday Mom and I drove to Sedalia, Missouri.  The town is named after a young woman named Sarah – her nickname was Sed.  There is some discussion that this town was built for the railroads, that brothels kept it in business and finally the good Christian folk ran them out.  It’s great when I visit a place and because of what I saw I want to do more research.  This town is in that category.

We drove around the strip mall section and wondered “where is the old town?  This can’t be it!”  Of course it wasn’t.  We found the old buildings and homes and took many pictures.  If you click on the thumbnails below, it will take you to a bigger image.  For now, this is just a post with some pictures you might enjoy.  One day I hope to go back and get some proper stories, local history and a good sense for the town.

Are you going to the 140 Character Conference in Hutchinson, Kansas?  We are!  Sedalia was on the route we took.  Jeff Pulver, Alan Weinkrantz, Uncle Jerry are flying in to Kansas City today and making their own way down to Hutch.  How are you coming?

Watch it Tuesday September 20 online at

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