Save Feature in Facebook

photo by Tyson Adams

photo by Tyson Adams

I save articles on Facebook (little gray down arrow to the right of the article and you can choose save) and read them later.

It’s an eclectic group of saves.  I wanted to just give you an idea of the different things you can choose to read later.  Sometimes I’ll save videos to watch on my free time, or interesting items I may want to blog about.

No one will visit if they can’t find you

You’ve got a website and a business.  Are you utilizing all the offline and online tools?  Here’s some great advice from the Tourism Currents folks to get your started.


I had the pleasure to hear this young man in person and his music is powerful and addictive.  He plays a current version of classical and has a magical violin. I listen to it when I’m concentrating and need to be lost in the work I’m doing.  His site, and some listening, is here: 

It happens every 17 years

The cicadas come out!  It’s weird, a tad scary and certainly very noisy.  Read about it here:

Build your email list

The biggest mistake that people make while building their email list is not inviting people to sign up. You can add a link to register for your newsletter in the link or have people sign up by texting if you use MailChimp. “Join By Text allows people to join your MailChimp email list via text message.”  (found at  p.s. there is a $19 charge per month for this.  

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