Rule Breaker Award

2228319768541-event288-logo-rba2016logo2I’ve been nominated for the Rule Breaker Award!  That’s pretty exciting stuff.

Just what is the Rule Breaker Award?

It’s awards that are given to entrepreneurs who do things differently, who don’t exactly follow the rules as we know them.  The website says it best:

We think entrepreneurs should be celebrated for the things they don’t do.

  • They don’t follow.
  • They ignore conventional wisdom.
  • They take the path less traveled.
  • They do it the hard way.

I’ve partnered with Becky McCray and we are the co-founders of SaveYour.Town.  We share our knowledge on how small towns and communities can come together to create a place they want to live and work in.  We both believe you have to know the rules to be able to bend them, to work around them, to maybe even break them once and awhile.

It’s truly an honor to be nominated, and I hope that many of the readers of this blog take a look at their site and decide to self nominate.  Because there are entrepreneurs all around us – and you are valuable and doing amazing work and are rule breakers too.  Hey – while you’re over there, take a look at their blog.  Some really great information there too.