I  just watched the movie Precious.  Young black woman, pregnant, abusive mother, raped by her dad twice – survives and goes on with life.  In a nutshell.  I think most of us could just shed a tear, recommend the movie and then probably forget about it.

Except there are a few who won’t be able to let this one go so easily.  Mo’nique, who played the abusive mother, struck a chord – I almost felt sorry for her.  Almost.  I didn’t see enough of her mother and wanted to know if she was who she was because of her mother.   Gabourey Sidibe played Precious and showed resilience and imagination that was her saving grace.   Who among us has not daydreamed of being famous  and loved?

What am I alluding to?  There are many stories of abuse. 68% of children abused are done so by a family member or a relative.  There are a lot of grown ups in the world who were abused as children.  1 in 6 women have been sexually abused.  I’m one of them.  Everyday I think about it for a minute or two.  I then tuck those memories back into their hiding place and continue with my day.  This movie made me take those memories out and look at them just a little bit longer.

I know that Precious wanted to forgive her mother, she really did.  She just wanted her mother to love her.   Precious also had someone to talk to, and someone in her corner to help her.  Granted – it was too late to have prevented the abuse.  But believe me when  I tell you, sooner or later you have to tell someone.  Often, it’s when you are an adult with children of your own.  More often, you never do and you repeat the pattern.  Or you become a drug addict.  Or you commit suicide.

Look around you – someone you know has been abused.

(statistics taken from – I’m just now talking about my story, and it’s not easy.  One day I’ll share – but today is not that day.)

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